The Boats

The Dagger Axis 10.5

I purchased this boat in Fall of 2010 and I love it! It can handle any water from lakes to fast flowing rivers. With a CFS-R Zone adjustable seat I can paddle all day and be comfortable. Ample storage is available in the stern hatch and more gear can be stored in the nose and in the bow mesh deck cover, which is handy for items you need to grab quickly. Also included are a bungee paddle holder and a built-in cup holder that can handle a cold beer and my container of ice tea.

The Perception Prodigy 10

The is the first kayak I owned. I received it as a wedding gift in 2007 (completely unexpected) and it triggered a lifelong hobby. This boat is kind of slow and really wide, but it’s great for a beginner because you CANNOT tip this baby over (unless you are very inebriated). I’ve taken it out on lakes, big rivers, creeks and even a little whitewater on the St. Francois. It has now retired to loaner boat status, but it still gets used plenty in the summer.

The Perception Montour 11

This is DW’s boat and he is quite attached to it. This boat is the most agile of our fleet. It is narrower and great for quick water. Not a good choice for a first time floater as it can be tippy if you don’t know what you’re doing, but that means it’s more fun to paddle. It also doesn’t have any fancy accessories like padding on the cockpit, a cup holder or paddle holder, but they can be retro-fitted. Perception doesn’t make this model anymore, but if you find a used one grab it!

The Old Town Discovery 169

This canoe was our first boat. It’s a genuine work horse and all around awesome canoe. We’ve spent many week-long trips in this and it can carry everything including a week’s worth of camp gear, multiple coolers, fishing gear, an 80lb. dog and firewood.

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