Float #152: Mississippi River

28 Dec

Wittenberg to Red Star


Mississippi River
Perry and Cape Counties, Missouri
Sunday, September 3, 2017
28 Miles
Temperature: 89˚/57˚
Wind: SW at 5mph
Water Level: 18.3 at Cape Girardeau gage

Long time, no posts! The past few months have flown by. DW and I have been very busy with work and then DW had shoulder surgery in October to repair injuries from several dislocations over the years. So we have not been paddling since September, and I am just now getting around to posting the last two floats we did this year.

We did our annual Mississippi float with DW’s Dad and a couple other friends. Last year we took out at Wittenberg, so this year we put in there and paddled down to Red Star Access at Cape Girardeau. The shuttle for this float is pretty long, over an hour each way, so we had some help shuttling vehicles from others who were not paddling that day.

Mississippi River

Putting on at Wittenberg

Mississippi River

Tower Rock

Mississippi River

Mississippi River

Dried mud field

Mississippi River

The main sights on this trip were Tower Rock, which is just down from Wittenberg and a big sandbar a few miles down from there. Tower Rock is aptly named as it is an island composed of a tall rock with a channel that flows on either side. This landmark is a historic place, as it is mentioned as far back as the early French settlers in the late 1600s. Some years the water level gets low enough that you can walk out to Tower Rock from the shore.

We stopped at the big sandbar as well and did some beach combing. There wasn’t much to see except dried mud and a few birds. I did pick up a new barge rope for my dogs.

Mississippi RiverMississippi RiverMississippi River

The water that day was pretty calm for the Mississippi and the weather wasn’t too hot, so it was a pretty pleasant day for paddling the big river. We did see quite a few barges and lots of people out in their speedboats enjoying the holiday weekend.

Mississippi River

Mississippi River

Cape Girardeau bridge

We stopped again near Cape Rock park just a little bit before the end of our trip. There is a nice little beach there where we watched some barges go by. I think I may have taken a shallow dip in the river, a little dirt therapy is good for the soul. We ended our trip in the late afternoon. It was fairly uneventful, but a pleasant paddle all the same. We’ve done the section from Cape Girardeau down to Commerce several times, so I don’t know where we will put in for next year. We may start farther upriver closer to St. Louis and knock out a few of those sections.


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