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2015: Year In Review

30 Dec

2015 had a lot of high water and a lot of floating opportunities. There were the usual floods of spring, and then another dose in June & July, and now it’s flooding again in December! This year I only posted floats that are new to the blog. So out of about 30 float trips, 16 of them were new stretches of river, which is a pretty good amount. This year brought new whitewater adventures, a rotator cuff injury for me, and lots of planning, scouting and paddling to prepare for the National Speleological Society convention in July.

During the week-long convention we met cavers from all over the US and took many of them floating on some of our favorite Missouri rivers. We did 7 float trips in 6 days with an average of about 30 people each trip. It was a great experience and we were stoked that we got to introduce so many new people to the awesome paddling Missouri has to offer.

After the convention we slowed down a bit and spent some recreational time on our favorite rivers (most of those trips were not new). This year was also the first floating year for our dog, Ocoee. He was a very nervous float dog at the beginning of the year, but by the fall he was jumping out of the boat and swimming on his own.

Here’s a look back at 2015.

Float Stats

Number of trips in 2015: 31 (16 of them new trips posted to the blog)

Number of rivers floated: 14

Miles paddled: 342 (184 new river miles)

Best critter sighting: Elk on the Buffalo River in Arkansas

Best Photos

My favorite photo from each trip on the blog this year.

Meramec River

Ocoee on the Meramec River

Osage Fork

Ocoee rides the back of my boat on the Osage Fork

Osage Fork

Ice on the Osage Fork

Buffalo River

Elk on the Buffalo River

Buffalo River

Ponca bridge on the Buffalo River

Mulberry River

Jake paddling on the Mulberry River

Mulberry River

Stopping for lunch on the Mulberry River

Missouri River

Dramatic skies on the Missouri River

Gasconade River

Falling Springs shoals on the Gasconade

Gasconade RIver

Flooded waters on the Gasconade

Gasconade River

A beautiful day on the Gasconade

Roubidoux Creek

The cornfields are drowning on Roubidoux Creek

Mississippi River

Citra Ass Down on the Mississippi River

Big Piney River

A perfect day on the Big Piney River

Lady Bird Lake

Congress Bridge on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX

Mississippi River

Choppy waters on the Mississippi River