Float #10: Jacks Fork River

24 Jun

Eminence to Two Rivers

jacks fork river map

Jacks Fork River
Shannon County, Missouri
Sunday, June 19
8 Miles

Our second day of floating the Jacks Fork started with rain again. It didn’t last as long into the morning this time and we packed up camp and were running shuttle by 10:30. Our friend Gregg and the boys headed home to spend Father’s Day with their families and we were joined by our longtime float buddy, Jess. Jess borrowed the red kayak so we were canoe free for the day. We offloaded the boats at Eminence, where we had taken out the day before. The Eminence access isn’t labeled from the road, but it is easy to find. There is a small road just to the north of Windy’s canoe rental that takes you down to the southwest side of the bridge.

eminence access jacks fork river

Eminence bridge at the access

turtle jacks fork river

A turtle sunning

By the time we hit the water the sun was out and it was already hot. The first mile of this trip is still within town and there are some campgrounds and a public park river access with motor boat ramps. This section of the river is always a treasure trove of bonus prizes. The last time we floated here we found a cooler and a lawn chair tangled in the willows. This time DW found a Splash Bomb water frisbee and a water cannon (a large water gun). We had fun with both throughout the trip.

jacks fork river

jacks fork river

Stopping for lunch and a swim

We spent most of this trip swimming, picking up trash and taking it easy. No one wanted the weekend to end! We stopped for lunch by a nice bluff with a deep swimming hole. We didn’t see much wildlife out of the ordinary.

4 miles down from Eminence is Shawnee Creek. There is a campground and access here. Several locals were swimming and we caught up with some other kayakers. We also saw our first motor boat of the whole trip, which is a nice thing about the Jacks. It is usually too shallow for motor boats and most of them use the nearby Current river. After Shawnee Creek the river gets wider and a little bit slower as it nears the Current river. Our takeout was at Two Rivers, which is less than a mile down the Current river from the confluence. Two Rivers has a nice riverside campground, camp store and rental service. We got off the water at 5pm, loaded up our kayaks and headed home. It was a great weekend on the river and I can’t wait to get away again.

jacks fork river

Jumping rock

jacks fork river

Alex and Charlie

two rivers jacks fork current

The confluence at Two Rivers

Critter Count: Blue Herons, Green Herons, Ducks, Turtles

Bonus Prizes: Water Frisbee, Water Canon

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