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Float #3: Huzzah Creek

29 Mar

Hwy. Z to Huzzah Conservation Area

Huzzah Creek
Crawford County, Missouri
Sunday, March 20
12 Miles

Looking to creep down an overcrowded, urine filled creek in a plastic raft while getting shitfaced with 500 other 20 somethings? This is the float trip for you! However, if you prefer solitude, clear water and nice scenery then this float trip is also for you. Huzzah Creek is a peaceful and scenic float trip in the spring and fall, and a nightmare of drunk fuckery in the summer. As long as you avoid the party crowd the Huzzah is a quiet little stream of beautiful water, wandering its way through the Ozark foothills. The drive is only one hour from my house, which makes for a perfect Sunday float stream. Warm weather propelled us to leave the homestead and head deeper into good float territory.

What better way to spend the Spring Equinox than a float trip! Temperatures soared into the low 80s with partly cloudy skies. Perfect weather for swimming, but the water temperature did not agree. A step into the water yields ankle numbing results. We met up with our ‘yak buddy, Scott and his adorable Shiba Inu, Yadi around 11am and ran shuttle up to the Hwy. Z access.

Preparing the boats for launch

The access is actually on Huzzah Creek road, off Hwy. Z. Just turn at the tree with the road sign stuck through it. This access does not have any official parking, so put in at your own risk, though we haven’t had any problems yet.

Yadi practices his yak riding skills

We don’t float this creek too often, so it is hard to remember where the obstacles are, or which side of the fork to take. I usually take the safe option, but Scott and DW are more adventurous than me. Scott did manage to flip his boat a couple of times going through a choked channel or two. Of course, that could have been Yadi’s fault as this was his first float of the season and he fell out every time Scott hit a bump or low hanging branch. By the end of the trip he seemed to get his float legs back under him.

A windy day makes for interesting clouds

Little snake tries to warm up

There had been a lot of rain the preceding weeks, making the water swift, but surprisingly still clear. Unsuitable swimming weather meant we paddled most of the way and knocked out much of the trip before lunch. The wind picked up a bit in the afternoon, but it was behind us most of the way. I had expected to see a bald eagle on this trip, as we usually do in the spring, but none appeared. We did see a lot of hawks and many turtles sunning themselves. No one else was on the river, just a few people hanging out in picnic areas along the bank. We made good time and were off the river by 4:30, shuttle finished and headed home by 6. Since this trip the weather has turned cold again, but there should be lots of floating to come in April!

Floating around the bend

Critter Count: Hawks, Turtles, Ducks, 1 Small Snake